3 Affordable Pet Food & Bully Stick Brands

Blog2 - 3 Affordable Pet Food & Bully Stick Brands

Maintaining a pet is not an easy exercise. Pets require constant care, devotion, exercise and a carefully planned diet. The most important element required, however, is time. Unfortunately, time is one item that most of us can’t seem to allocate.

There is also a monetary factor to consider. Maintaining a pet is an expensive luxury that many cannot afford. Pet food is seemingly overpriced in the common market. At Pets in America, we recognize that this is a pressing issue. As a result, we want to inform you, our readers, about quality brands in the market that provide great value for money.

Merrick – Grain Free, Real Buffalo, Sweet potato

Merrick is a trusted brand when it comes to canine food. We know how expensive and time-consuming it is to maintain a dog as a pet. Merrick’s Grain-Free, Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato flavored dog food doesn’t take away from quality by being priced low. You have all the required nutrients to keep your dog healthy, such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and high levels of animal protein.

Pawstruck – Best Bully Sticks

Dogs are highly protein dependant. Look no further than natural bully sticks for dogs and puppies from Pawstruck. They are made in USA or south america. These come in the convenient form of pouches and are reasonably priced.

Taste of the Wild – Limited Ingredient Meat-based Dog Food

This formula is perhaps among the most delicious dog food around. In line with modern trends, the food is grain free, made from buffalo and bison, and perfect for your puppy. A 5-pound bag comes just for the price of $15. You won’t regret buying this one, and neither will you pup

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