4 interesting psychological differences between dog and cat people

Blog8 - 4 interesting psychological differences between dog and cat people

Let us talk psychology! We actually briefly mentioned in an earlier post about interesting psychological traits of cat people and dog people. In this post, we want to expand on that. This is an area where a lot of research is being done to gain a subtle understanding of why people like certain things.

If you recall any psychology course you may have taken, say back in your university or high school days, you will recall that complex psychological assessments of personalities ultimately boil down to simple traits exhibited by people. In this context, the simple trait is simply why people prefer dogs over cats, or vice versa.

Mental stability

Mental instability or Neuroticism is a complex problem that affects many people here in the United States. It can be triggered by many factors, and can express itself in many ways as well. Studies show that cat people are 12 percent more neurotic than dog people, probably because the high-maintenance nature of cats would actually have turned their owners into hilariously more neurotic people! J

catt - 4 interesting psychological differences between dog and cat people


We often hear of old ladies staying by themselves with a couple of cats in the house. Turns out that this trend of loneliness is not just restricted to old people. Cat people tend to live by themselves relatively compared to dog people. Perhaps it has something to do with the more domestic nature of a cat, whereas dogs often need to go out and stay active.

Timid in nature

This is linked slightly to the earlier point on loneliness. Cat owners tend to be more shy and docile compared to dog people. They often won’t fight for their point or opinion in social conversations, and are not aggressive or dominant. Naturally, the opposite applies to dog owners. While you cannot state with certainty that aggressiveness is a positive trait, it is more preferred to timidness.


So far, it may seem that cat owners have an inherent psychological disadvantage as compared to dog people. However, that is entirely untrue. Cat people tend to be intellectually more developed and exhibit a nature of intellectual curiosity. They have been shown to have a higher IQ and quotients linked to the left side of the brain.

All these points have been proved by various studies that have been conducted to find out why people have differences in preferences. At Pets in America, we find these extremely interesting.

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