The relation between humans and animals from a psychological lens

Blog1 - The relation between humans and animals from a psychological lens

There is an instinctive attraction within the mammal class. Homosapiens, the most advanced of all animals, have a biological preference towards species within their own class. It is the reason why despite the fact that humans are predatory creatures at the higher realms of the food chain, many of us love to take care of animals.

For centuries, humans have developed companionship with animals. Think of the Stone Age inscriptions and paintings of animals. Despite man’s position as a hunter at the time, man respected strength and animals that displayed strength, such as the Rhinoceros. In fact, man sometimes hunted with an animal by his side.

In the modern age, animals continue to be our companion, whether it is for hunting, search operations or other activities. Naturally, we consume many families with the Animalia kingdom as food, but that is a generic feature within the kingdom. As predatory beings, every creature hunts others of a lower standing in the food chain.

pet - The relation between humans and animals from a psychological lens

Yet another type of companionship between humans and species of the animal kingdom is friendship. It is the reason why people own or adopt pets. Pets provide us love and warmth, and receive them in equal measures. Naturally, we have preferences. Some of us prefer felines and some canines. Some of us prefer aquatic creatures and the rest Aves.

In reality, the preference doesn’t matter. What matters is understanding the inherent psychology that leads people to own or adopt pets. From a biological standpoint, human beings have not been programmed to exhibit cruelty. Yes, we hunt and eat animals, but that is purely from a physiological point of view.

The intention of this post is to make our readers and the wider community understand that cruelty is simply a matter of choice. There is simply no excuse that can be made that we are inclined to exhibit cruelty. The history of our evolution says otherwise.

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