pets - Events

We conduct a lot of events on the topic of animal welfare and pet adoption. While most of our events are within the State of Washington, we have online events as well that can be accessed by everyone within the United States.

Events held by Pets in America have a few goals and objectives – Raising awareness, encouraging action, cultivating empathy and achieving concrete results. The following types of events help achieve some or all of these objectives.


Activism is always essential. In a leading democracy such as America, that sets the example when it comes to freedom of speech and expression, activism can bear fruits. Activism is conducted on multiple fronts such as adoption, abuse, cruelty and so on. The aim of such events is to force the Senate’s hand in passing legal actions to support our cause.

Donation drives

As a leading social advocate, we support financially leading adoption centers in the State of Washington. To do that, we conduct online donation drives where members of the community can donate as little as $5 per person. Even if individual contributions may seem insignificant, it goes a long way to support our beloved adoption and animal rescue centers.


Events don’t have to a chore always! Sometime you can just chill and have fun with your pet by your side. We organize weekend picnics once a month in the beautiful parks within Seattle. Join us and have a great day out!

In addition, we do ad-hoc events such as mass adoption giveaways, pet food discount voucher giveaways and so on. Keep in tune with our blog to find out upcoming events!