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Pets in America is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Seattle, Washington, that focuses and promotes the topic of animal welfare in general. It aims to combat the level of neglect and abuse that is perpetrated to animals, as well as to encourage people to adopt pets within their households.

The organization was started by ex-activists who campaigned certain practices employed by corporates such as McDonalds and KFC with regard to their treatment of livestock. Many of us are aware of such practices and prefer to turn a blind eye to them. To help raise awareness, it was clear that the internet is the best means.

Today, Pets in America enjoys a following of more than 180,000 readers in the United States. The organization has made invaluable connections with members of Senate and Congress. These connections come in handy whilst campaigning for a cause or petitioning. It is one of the most wonderful aspects of the American Democracy.

The organization maintains an excellent blog that features opinions, experts, stories and interviews. Our intention is bring to you facts rather than pointless trivia. In addition, as a promoter of pet keeping, we bring to you stories of people who have had great adoption experiences.