3 of the leading animal adoption centers in Washington State

Blog6 - 3 of the leading animal adoption centers in Washington State

We think that the future of pets is going to be linked to adoption. Our world is becoming increasingly self-centered, and people barely have time for anything or anyone except themselves. Wearables and social media is consuming most of our time, and interpersonal interactions are reducing.

In such a world, people buying pets and taking care of them is hard to imagine. If anything, those pet businesses are expected to go extinct. However, the basic empathetic nature of human beings won’t change. Unlike macro events, basic psychological nature takes longer to change. The cliché we often hear about the so-called “goodness of humanity” is quite true, believe it or not.

Hence we see adoption staying the same, or perhaps even increasing in volume. As we all move towards taking care of just ourselves, animals would go on to fill adoption centers. And the empathetic nature of human beings would see them adopting in higher measures.

There is yet another fact with adopted pets. As they are older and fully independent by the time they are adopted due to the many circumstances that they have faced, they are fairly comfortable with staying by themselves in a household when the owners are out for work or other engagements. This makes it easier to maintain a pet, considering that time is the key constraint that leads many to avoid having pets. On that point, we want to let you know the major adoption centers here in Washington that you can visit to adopt a pet.

ado - 3 of the leading animal adoption centers in Washington State

Seattle Animal Shelter

Seattle.gov has a department that takes care of sheltering animals. Most pet breeds and species are covered here, even ones such as reptiles, pigs and other unconventional mammals. Interested volunteers can also contact them.

Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Homeward pet adoption center is located at Woodinville, Washington State. It is among the main non-profit animal shelters in the state, housing more than 1800 animals at one point of time. Animals here are either cats or dogs.

Emerald city pet rescue

Emerald city pet rescue center is our favorite center in the State of Washington. The founding team and volunteers are highly passionate about their job, providing rehabilitation and medical aid to at-risk creatures. You would find dogs, cats and rabbits at this facility. In addition to sheltering, Emerald city pet rescue center also is a leading activist against cruelty to animals.

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