How you can become more empathetic by adopting an animal in need

Blog3 - How you can become more empathetic by adopting an animal in need

From the moment you learn to understand words, you are taught by your parents to be kind, considerate and sympathetic. As inherently emotional beings, we respond to emotions. If you show kindness, often it is reciprocated. It programs us to behave in a certain way.

One of the quality that we are often taught the significance of is empathy. As teenagers, you would remember your teacher explaining the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is simply feeling a swell of sadness or pity towards a person or group of people, whereas empathy means going a step forward and taking action by putting yourselves in their shoes.

Empathy is a quality that is highly coveted in society. Empathetic people are people of action. They don’t sit around and watch when something unfortunate or tragic happens around them, rather they look for means to solve a situation. It is empathy that drives people to commit heroic acts that we read about in the newspaper.

Sticking to the context, we come to the topic of adoption. Couples often adopts kids either by choice or because they are physically unable to procreate. It is considered in high esteem, at least in most cases. There is no shortage of orphaned children and teenagers, unfortunately. Providing them a home and sustenance is an exemplification of empathy at its highest form.

opet - How you can become more empathetic by adopting an animal in need

However, adoption isn’t restricted to human beings. Animals, too, face the same issue of ignorance and orphanage. Often, many are abused or simply left unwanted. Good-hearted people who work in adoption centers for animals take care of such poor creatures for a while.

The problem arises when adoption centers are overloaded. The way they function, they adopt as many animals as possible to provide them housing and sustenance. At some point, they will face a severe shortage of space, which is when they make a concerted effort to encourage people to house some of their animals.

We talked in an earlier post about a psychological feeling of companionship between humans and animals. Let that encourage you to go to the nearest adoption center and choose your favorite to house, love and take care of. You would be doing a world of good to a creature that had fallen into unfortunate circumstances.

At the end of the day, adoption is something that will bring you immense joy and satisfaction. The way our brain works, we experience a joy like nothing else when we see the fruits of our selfless work ripening.

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