4 fun, interesting facts about cats that you didn’t know!

Blog7 - 4 fun, interesting facts about cats that you didn’t know!

Most of us are either cat people or dog people. There is an interesting psychological test that you can conduct depending on whether one is a cat person or a dog person. Cat people prefer warmth and affection, while dog people prefer activity and outdoors.

And that is simply one dimension of the psychology test that you can apply. There are many more, but let us not digress. In this post, we want to focus purely on cats. Ah.. those furry, cuddly creatures that can sometimes slightly annoy you by scratching you pointlessly, and yet are universally loved! Cats in general are members of the Feline family, which feature other beauties such as the Cheetah, Leopard and the king of them all, the lion.

cat - 4 fun, interesting facts about cats that you didn’t know!

Cats have a lot of interesting facts about them, that even the most ardent cat lovers may not completely know. If you had a penny for every time you stared at your cat and wondered what the hell it is thinking, you would be a wealthy person by now. Let us talk about some of these facts.

That jump!

If there is anything that is amazing about cats, it is the fact that they can easily break the record for high jump. If you think Spiderman is cool because he can cling to walls, just look at a cat jumping and effortlessly clinging to any surface it come to contact with. Cats can apparently jump up to a mind-blowing five times its height!

Sleep addicts

You know that your cat loves to sleep. In fact, it pretty much does nothing except sleep, poop and eat. It is one of the most adorable characteristics of the furry feline. The interesting fact is when you look into the numbers. Cats spend up to 70% of the time dozing. One thing is for sure… you cannot put them in an office and expect them to get anything done

No sweet tooth

Imagine a life where you cannot taste the pure, unadulterated sweetness of a piece of candy, a doughnut or even a delicious chocolate cake. What a hellish world that would be! Well, cats know a thing or two about that. They cannot taste sweetness within food.

Sweating down??

One of the most adorable things about a cat is their foot pads. Those tiny, cute and cuddly little feet can often make the toughest man swoon. Well, the next time you touch those feet, just keep in mind this fact. Cats can sweat only through their foot pads!

Oh, we can say so much more about cats, but we don’t want to bore you with a very long post. You can read up much more if you visit resources on the internet. Check out some of these resources at our ‘Resources’ section.

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3 Affordable Pet Food & Bully Stick Brands

Blog2 - 3 Affordable Pet Food & Bully Stick Brands

Maintaining a pet is not an easy exercise. Pets require constant care, devotion, exercise and a carefully planned diet. The most important element required, however, is time. Unfortunately, time is one item that most of us can’t seem to allocate.

There is also a monetary factor to consider. Maintaining a pet is an expensive luxury that many cannot afford. Pet food is seemingly overpriced in the common market. At Pets in America, we recognize that this is a pressing issue. As a result, we want to inform you, our readers, about quality brands in the market that provide great value for money.

Merrick – Grain Free, Real Buffalo, Sweet potato

Merrick is a trusted brand when it comes to canine food. We know how expensive and time-consuming it is to maintain a dog as a pet. Merrick’s Grain-Free, Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato flavored dog food doesn’t take away from quality by being priced low. You have all the required nutrients to keep your dog healthy, such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and high levels of animal protein.

Pawstruck – Best Bully Sticks

Dogs are highly protein dependant. Look no further than natural bully sticks for dogs and puppies from Pawstruck. They are made in USA or south america. These come in the convenient form of pouches and are reasonably priced.

Taste of the Wild – Limited Ingredient Meat-based Dog Food

This formula is perhaps among the most delicious dog food around. In line with modern trends, the food is grain free, made from buffalo and bison, and perfect for your puppy. A 5-pound bag comes just for the price of $15. You won’t regret buying this one, and neither will you pup

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Understanding properly the dietary requirements of your cat and dog

Blog5 - Understanding properly the dietary requirements of your cat and dog

Food is an integral part of our lives. Alongside Oxygen and water, it is vital to life. It energizes our body and ensures the correct functioning of our organs. And of course, our taste buds generally have a good time.

We all know that our body depends on the intake of five basic nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Each nutrient plays a different role in taking care of our physique. Additionally, this doesn’t apply just to humans but also the animal kingdom in general.

Pet owners should be well aware of this. Feline and canine creatures, or specifically cats and dogs, are quite common in households. Cats and dogs are heavily dependent on the right kind of food. This is especially true for cats who don’t exert themselves physically. As a result, their diet has to be properly managed.

Both creatures need high levels of protein in their diet, and these pet foods don’t come so cheaply in the market. While there are inexpensive and quality brands if you search comprehensively, most of such brands are priced above the range of the working class adult. It is one of the reasons why many shun from having pets.

cats and ddogs - Understanding properly the dietary requirements of your cat and dog

There are those who have both cats and dogs in their households. To save up some money, it is not uncommon to see dogs being fed cat food or vice versa. Under normal circumstances, one would just gobble up food meant for the other. However, it is not good for the long term.

This is because dogs and cats have widely varying dietary needs, and each pet food brand is customized to the needs of its consumer. Dogs, for example, derive most of their nutrients from proteins and fats. While it is not required that the diet is predominantly meat-based, the ease of digestibility is more important.

Dogs are omnivores by nature, and can live even with a vegetarian diet if there are sufficient quantities of proteins and fats. In fact, a fully meat-based diet would even harm them. Cats, on the other hand, are an entirely different ball game.

Cats are perhaps among the most meat dependent species around. They require heavy doses of meat- based protein on a daily basis. This is mostly because cats require a variety of amino acid – Taurine – that is mainly found in meat. This variety of amino acid helps maintain proper organ functions of the cornea and the heart in the cat.

Understanding the nutrient needs of your pet goes a long way to managing maintenance costs. We recommend that you read up more on such topics to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s physiological requirements.

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